Prototyping for DEMO Day / by Ian Carlson

DEMO Day is approaching so I would love to have a working prototype to demonstrate by then. While I may have a notebook full of ideas I will not have the time to fully explain them to investors on DEMO Day. To show the basics of what DASH is trying to accomplish I need to show how the kit functions and why you should own one.

Unfortunately, at this time I do not have access to Northeastern's machine shop so I am going to be constructing Prototype #1 at Artisans Asylum, a community workspace located in Somerville. 

Parts wise I have finally accumulated all of the necessary components to construct the prototype. That means BUILD time, if all of my planning pays off and the build goes smoothly I will have a working prototype in no time.

While I am working on the DEMO board(see what I did there) I am continuing with R&D to further develop DashBoard to make it the best it can be. 

In other news I attended The First Ascent at Brookline Boulders Somerville and received lots of free swag, including more than two full cases of cookies which I am sure will be fueling some late night design sessions. 



That's all for now,  



Summary: DEMO Day is near, prototype 1 is in the works