Success at DEMO Day and NEXPO / by Ian Carlson

     This past week has been a pretty exciting week for Dash. After hours of pitching to people Dash was awarded first place at DEMO Day, which included a $2000 prize to continue the development of this business.

Myself (right) and mentor from IDEA Harrison Cleaver (left)

     After putting so many hours into both the business and technological sides of Dash it's really great that others are as excited about this as we are. Dash also had a booth at NEXPO, Northeastern University's biggest showcase of companies that are working with IDEA, Northeastern's venture accelerator. Both days went extremely well and we received a lot of great feedback, as well as a surprising number of people who were already asking where they can purchase a DashBoard.

     Now that Dash has gained some more funds for prototyping we can begin talking to local machine shops and work with them to develop more precisely machined parts for the prototype so we can get boards ready for beta testers(more info on that later). We've also started working with the rapid prototyping lab at Northeastern University to print out prototype controller shells as well as various other parts.

More awesome things from Dash are on the way...